Goel Medicos is India’s No. 1 pharmacy in Delhi – A Place of Genuine Medicines, situated at the prime location in the Eastern part of Delhi, precisely at Durgapuri Chowk (a well known place 2 KM from Shahdara).

We are one of the oldest retail pharmacy in East Delhi, the seed of which was sown in 1970 to elevate the healthcare of the community by achieving optimal health through its pharmacy services. Over the years it has become one of the Best Medical Stores in Delhi with high quality, innovative and affordable medical and healthcare products and services. This is a one stop Pharmacy Shop in Delhi for all the Allopathic Medicines, Lifesaving Drugs, Surgical Items, Orthopaedic Goods, Nutritional Products, etc.  Goel Medicos strictly observes complete ethical practices as quality service providers.