A true pharmacist's pharmacy strictly follows " no substitution "
Pharmacy With A Difference

Goel Medicos

Goel Medicos is one of the Best Pharmacy In Delhi. A place of genuine medicines, With a vision to be the best pharmacy in India.

Community Awareness

We Improves Awareness by Holding Programmes in colaboration with pharma companies

Goel Medicos Goel Medicos Goel Medicos Goel Medicos
Mission & Vision

Goel Medicos To provide our customers with high quality, innovative, and affordable healthcare products.
We strive to provide our customers with "better ways to get better and healthier".

Know More About Goel Medicos :-
A true pharmacist's pharmacy strictly follows " no substitution " , Accurate dispensing || patented Medicines , Basant goel " Have a speedy recovery "
Goel Medicos
Goel Medicos
Goel Medicos
Goel Medicos Follows Ethics
  • No recycling of surgical products.
  • Maintenance of expired good record.
  • Destroys/Disposes of expired products.
  • Storage in proper stroage condition.
  • Record of banned products.
Goel Medicos
Goel Medicos ensures
  • Decreased medication errors.
  • Compounding medicines.
  • Referrals to physician if necessary.
  • Advice of common ailments.
  • Decreased costs of medical care.
Goel Medicos
we care for enviornment
  • Uses Eco Friendly Dispensing bags.
  • Resues resuable cartoons.
  • Protection of enviornment necessary.
  • Disposes off expired products.
  • Maintains hygiene and cleanliness.
Customer Views About Goel Medicos
Goel Medicos

" Excellent in behavior and very co-operative with the customers and with workers. "
Name :- Satya Pal Garg
Add :- Bhajanpura , Delhi-53

" A medical store which can be trusted & rellied upon, for the availiblity of genuine, latest and rare medicines under personal supervision of qualified & experienced pharmacist. "
Name :- Harsbans Singh
Add :- Loni Road , Delhi-93

" Remarkable Services no duplicate medicines. "
Name :- R.C. Garg
Add :- Moujpur , Delhi-53

" This is excellent medicos and good customer call & behavior of staff is very good. "
Name :- Stender Kumar
Add :- Shahdara , Delhi-93

" Fair deal Good discipline "
Name :- B.S Yadav
Add :- Durgapuri

" Very good services to people provide genuine medicines good behavior "
Name :- Subhash Chauhan
Add :- Baghpat

Pharmaceutical Companies Impression
Goel Medicos
  • Good Counter Keeping. Vast range of products available.
    Lupin Ltd.
  • Very Co-operative Staff & give honest feedback.
    Micro Labs.
  • Good Rules & Regulations
  • it is a leading counter of chemist, all the medicines are available.

    Sun pharma
  • Goel medicos is good, biggest counter with all medicine available here. good range of products.
  • Products stored at proper storage conditions to maintain their efficacy and potency.
    Nestle India Pvt Ltd
  • one of best medical stores in terms of quality, clarity , maintenance & in discipline.
    Eli Lilly & company Ltd.
  • goel medicos is the leading chemist in this area, where every product is available.
    FDC Ltd
  • Total availablity of all products.

What Doctors Say

  • Always Smiling Face. always smiling nature. Commitment to his profession. this is "Basant Goyal"
    Dr N.K Gupta
  • Service with a smile , courteous , no subsitution , almost entire range of both new and old medicines are available. all the best for endeavours in future. Dr Kapana Chandra
  • Best in every aspect. Best in availiblity with no substitution. best in personal nature. best in patient interaction. best in doctors interaction Dr Sanjeev Arora
  • Very good services offered to the customers by offering good availiblity and genuine products. i wish all the very best to Geol Medicos. Dr Prince Nigma

  • I am very much satisfied with goel medicos services, kindness , medicine's , quality & rates. with all good wishes
    Dr Chhavi Gupta
  • Always give bills even if a single tab is purchased. always counter checks medicine before dispensing. Only shop of all kind of medicine Dr Rajeev Kansal
Work Systematically

Goel Medicos Maintain a well qualified , uniformed , alert and attentive staff of more than 25.

Quick service for minimal time of dispensing.
Detialed information about medicine administration.

Goel Medicos Educates

Goel Medicos Educates the patient about full description of Drug / formulation. Action, Efficacy & indiactions.
Mode of taking medicines.
Special precautions to be observed, Contra indications of a drug.

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Goel Medicos Goel Medicos Goel Medicos Goel Medicos Goel Medicos Goel Medicos Goel Medicos Goel Medicos